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Mestrado e Doutorado em Ciência Animal

Animal Science Graduate Program – ASGP


Program Objectives:

The ASGP of the Udesc has the objective of promoting knowledge generation and the capacitation of professionals for research, education, and technical support to productive sectors related to Animal Health and Production.
MASTER´S PROGRAM IN ANIMAL SCIENCE (Beginning in March of 2003);
Concentration areas and research lines:
ANIMAL HEALTH (Lines: 1. Animal sanity and pathology; 2. Veterinary clinic and surgery);
ANIMAL PRODUCTION (Lines: 1. Nutrition, Animal Management, and Forage; 2. Genetics, Breeding, nd Animal Reproduction).
Program Differentials (Strengths):
The ASGP of the Udesc/Lages is the only Graduate Program in the field of Animal Science in the state of Santa Catarina with Masters and Doctorate programs. The academics have access to a wide and interdisciplinary formation due to both consolidated concentration areas.
Minimum formation and other requirements for ingress:
For obtaining the title of doctor in Animal Science, it is necessary to course 48 credits in disciplines (with the possibility of using up to 24 credits from the master´s program) and 12 credits with the dissertation. Data subject to alterations according to the notice.
Form/period of ingress:
The registration for the selection process usually occurs in June and November, and the number of positions and more information is available in the notice. The Programs are free of charge and recognized by Capes. Rules and alterations are provided in the notice.
Selection/Ingress Notice:
Teaching staff:
Program website:
Telephone number: +55 (49) 3289-9169.
Program contact 

Centro de Ciências Agroveterinárias - CAV / Av. Luiz de Camões, 2090 - Conta Dinheiro - Lages - SC
CEP: 88.520-000 / Telefone: (49) 3289-9100