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Soil Sciences Graduate Program – SSGP


Program Objectives:

General objective: the Graduate in Soil Sciences Program of the Udesc has the objectives of generating knowledge and qualifying professionals of the agronomic field, strengthening the infrastructure for Research, Education, and Extension, and assisting the many areas of Soil Science and contribute for the development of more productive agriculture with conservationist bases. The program considers the precepts of environmental preservation, especially regarding soil management aiming at soil and water conservation and the improvement of the socioeconomic conditions of rural producers in the state and the country.


Specific objectives:

- To generate knowledge and Technologies in Soil Sciences, applicable in the regional and national contexts to give technical support to the sectors related to agriculture, especially in the agronomic and environmental areas, focusing on soil management systems, but also including correlated areas.

- To capacitate the post-graduate students in performing Education, Research, and Extension activities in the field of soil management.

- To develop basic researches in the fields of physics, chemistry, mineralogy, and biology of the soils of Santa Catarina, with emphasis on giving technical support to the research applied to Soil Sciences.

- To stimulate research in the field of soil use and conservation, aiming at defining mechanical, vegetative and edaphic practices effective for controlling water erosion and soil conservation, as well as to evaluate the impacts of adopting distinct soil management systems over the physical, chemical, and biological soil properties and crop productivity.

- To evaluate the efficacy of different types of fertilizers and correctives, of mineral and organic natures, for improving the physical, chemical, and biological properties of agricultural soils, aiming at increasing nutrient use efficiency and decreasing production costs.

- To promote studies related to the feasibility of the use of soil for the disposal of organic and inorganic residues, and the environmental impacts derived from it.

- To understand the physiological processes that control the growth and development of the primary annual and perennial crops of the state, and product quality in the post-harvest stage.

- To identify and develop soil management practices that sustainably maximize crop yield under the edapho-climatic conditions of Santa Catarina.



MASTER´S PROGRAM IN SOIL SCIENCE (Beginning in March 1st, 1997).

DOCTORATE PROGRAM IN SOIL SCIENCES (Beginning in March 1st, 2008).


Concentration areas and research lines:

SOIL MANAGEMENT (Lines: 1. Natural resource characterization, conservation, and use; 2. Dynamics of chemical elements and plant nutrition; 3. Productivity of agricultural and forestry systems).


Program Differentials (Strengths):

The Post-Graduation Program in Soil Sciences presents a permanent teaching staff comprised of professors with much experience in research, who perform in all areas of soil sciences, as well as a physical and equipment infrastructure that allows the development of advanced studies in Soil Sciences.


Minimum formation and other requirements for ingress:

Doctorate Program: higher education undergraduate diploma recognized by the Ministry of Education and a stricto sensu Master´s diploma recommended by Capes in the field of Agrarian Sciences or areas correlated to the concentration area to be studied.

Master´s Program: higher education undergraduate diploma recognized by the Ministry of Education in the field of Agrarian Sciences or area correlated to the concentration area to be studied.

Exceptionally, candidates with undergraduate or master´s diploma can be accepted into an area not directly correlated to the program at the discretion of the selection commission insofar as the candidate present work plan compatible with the objectives of the program and agree to submit to an adaptation regime with enrolment in undergraduate disciplines when necessary.


Form/period of ingress:

Form: Application of written exam and curriculum evaluation. Biannual selection notice. Rules and alterations are provided in the notice.


Selection/Ingress Notice:


Teaching staff:


Program website:


Telephone number: +55 (49) 3289-9115.

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