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Mestrado em Engenharia Florestal


Forest Engineering Graduate Program – FEGP

Program Objectives:
The program has the objective of forming professionals and generating knowledge and innovation to contribute for the regional development, collaborating with the forestry and environmental sector, which is currently lacking, especially regarding the development of researches on the natural environmental conditions of the region. The Master´s Program in Forest Engineering also aims at representing an essential center for research and development, allowing the expansion of partnerships with universities through the undergraduate program.
Concentration areas and research lines:
FOREST ENGINEERING (Lines: 1. Ecology of forest species and associated ecosystems; 2. Forest production and wood technology).
Program Differentials (Strengths):
- It is the only public and free of charge program in the state of Santa Catarina, resulting in a significant demand for professionals of all areas and regions of the state;
- It is located on the Catarinense Mountain range, a region of great forestry tradition, with a unique ecosystem and climate, as well as companies of the forestry sector, generating significant demand for researches in forestry production, wood technology, and natural resource conservation. The Agroveterinary Sciences Center presents a large number of laboratories, adequately equipped, which attends all post-graduation programs of the center;
- It presents high intellectual production. With almost four times the average of the field of agrarian sciences;
- The term period is of 21.75 months (below the recommended by Capes, which is of 30 months);
- The program has a low dropout rate: four since the beginning of the program in 2012;
- There has been no enrolment interruption;
- There is the interaction between post-graduate and undergraduate students in projects;
- The program presents a high number of scholarships: 8 from Capes, four from PROMOP, three from FUMDES, and 15 from FAPESC, totalizing 29 scholarships (2017);
- It has a high insertion of professionals into the labor market (companies), approvals of tender processes and doctorate programs;
- The University investigates the participation of students and professors in national and international events.
Minimum formation and other requirements for ingress:
The candidates must present diplomas from undergraduate programs recognized by the Ministry of Education, in area correlated to the concentration area of the program. 
Form/period of ingress:
Biannual ingress through the selection process. Rules and alterations are provided in the notice.
Selection/Ingress Notice: 
Teaching staff:
Program website:
Telephone number: +55 (49) 3289-9139.
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Centro de Ciências Agroveterinárias - CAV / Av. Luiz de Camões, 2090 - Conta Dinheiro - Lages - SC
CEP: 88.520-000 / Telefone: (49) 3289-9100
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